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Sales Specialist - Sales Automation and Email Campaigns

Deadline: May 2023

Our company is seeking an experienced Sales Specialist to join our team. The primary responsibility of this role is to design and execute automated sales campaigns, primarily through email and other messaging channels. The successful candidate will be responsible for driving revenue growth by increasing lead generation, lead conversion, and improving customer engagement through personalized and targeted campaigns. The Sales Specialist will work closely with the Sales and Marketing teams to create and implement campaigns that align with our business objectives.

Your challenges

  • Design, implement, and manage automated sales campaigns using marketing automation tools.
  • Develop and maintain customer segmentation strategies to ensure targeted and personalized messaging.
  • Collaborate with the Sales and Marketing teams to ensure campaign messaging is aligned with our brand and business objectives.
  • Analyze campaign performance and provide insights to continuously improve campaigns.
  • Develop and maintain a database of prospects and customers to support targeted campaigns.
  • Collaborate with Sales and Marketing to create lead generation campaigns that drive new business.
  • Work closely with the Sales team to improve lead conversion rates through effective lead nurturing campaigns.
  • Monitor industry trends and developments related to email campaigns and sales automation.

Your Profile

  • At least 5 years of professional experience and 3 years in software house as a sales specialist or similar position.
  • Fluent English and experience in working with international clients.
  • A focus on measuring the effectiveness of actions and testing various solutions to improve the achievement of one’s goal.
  • Analytical approach to your actions and systems/tools you operate.
  • Deep understanding of the US and European IT market trends and needs.
  • Some technical knowledge and the ability to advise clients about IT strategies and technology.
  • Ability to work independently and take initiative.
  • Exceptionally organized, diligent and able to work with remote teams.
  • Experience working with CRM systems (Zoho CRM is welcome) and tools supporting lead generation (e.g. Zoho Campaigns, Crunchbase).

About Us

iRonin, or IT Samurai, is an IT professional striving to continuously improve their craft and provide IT services at the highest level. This concept holds true in every team of our company, which has been on the market since 2010. It’s one of the first organizations to operate 100% remotely since its very foundation.

Today we have almost 60 people on board, working from many cities around the world. In Poland, we have permanent offices in Warsaw, Wroclaw and Rzeszow.

In 2021, we have grown by 67%, in 2022 by 75%, and counting the whole period since 2018, by as much as +266%!

We’ve worked on more than 30 long-term partnerships and hundreds of projects. It allowed us to acquire rich design and technology know-how in industries such as fin-tech, med-tech, hr-tech, real-estate.

We have worked for clients from all over the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Barbados and Australia: just to name the few!

We work with a wide technology stack: Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Go-lang, Haskell, Python, Node, Java and many others.

To ensure the highest quality of our services, we form teams with senior-level specialists. We take on only those projects that offer an opportunity for growth and are an interesting challenge that we can then proudly present in our portfolio.

Why us?

Join an experienced and close-knit team and have an impact on the further development of our organization. We offer a professional and friendly atmosphere, where unnecessary procedures are kept to a minimum. We are very flexible as to the form of cooperation and place of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work remotely?

As a 100% remote software house, we enable you to work from home. Our entire organization is built with the remote team in mind - including communication, tools, benefits and much more.

Is it possible to work from an office and / or use a coworking office?

We provide the option of working from an office in the following locations: Rzeszów, Wrocław, Gdańsk and Poznań. In other cities, it is possible for us to co-finance a coworking office for you or to gather more people willing for this option.

Are project changes possible?

Changing the project is possible, it requires consultation with the team leader who will verify the personnel needs in other iRonin.IT projects. We are currently working on several applications - internal and for our clients.

What management methodology do we use in projects?

At iRonin.IT, we implement several projects, so the management methods used depend on the client's needs and the application. In 90% of cases, it is a version of Scrum (standups, retrospectives), kanban and scrumban adjusted to the project conditions. In exceptional cases, we also undertake Waterfall projects, where the works are planned from the beginning to the end of the project.

Can I decide when I start work?

You can adjust your iRonin working hours to your schedule and start working at any time. It is mandatory to participate in the daily standups, which usually take place between 10:00 and 11:30 depending on internal arrangements in the project team.